The Evening Shroud, Issue #07, 09/27/01 Last Page

Lightly Touched

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The stores and mall area of the Star’s End district are stocking up on tire chains and thermal long johns in anticipation of an unusually frigid year’s end. Taverns and bars all over the realm are finding hot toddies a brisk business. Warmed cinnamon ciders running a close second.

Head on over to the Marketplace just off Main in Rhydin City and you will find a veritable feast of late year vegetables and fruits for all your forthcoming holiday and festivity needs. Start that canning now!

You might even spot this reporter there, going over the freshness and quality of a Mushba’llon melon herself. Once I send this to the typesetter, take a long scalding shower, down several liters of hard alcohol and lose myself in the fog for a day or two.

But not if I see you first!


Wish to find your true “sole” mate? Seeking more than just a face in the crowd? Find your fantasies here! To place a personal contact Sharon Gossip.

S. Keep the delivery boy, consider him a present. I’m sending news via the wild boys. C.

PS: Ignore the jibes in the paper, I’m handling it.

Amateur photographer seeking willing models. No experience necessary. Prefer blondes with long legs and questionable morals.

Contact: Drax the Gnome

SDM seeking SIF for torture, domination, humiliation and regular beatings. Contact: Jona of Taisch at Onyx

Kip, all things a go! Don’t forget the stealth charms. Meet Dogbreath under the SouthEnd bridge at sunset on specified date. SixPack.

Laurie, where are you? I am feeling anxious. I have some busy work on the 30th, would love to meet you after. J.

Friend seeking a *friend* for a Friend. Like bones? Enjoy devious plots to overthrow the heavens? Daug needs a DATE! Contact: Daug’s Friend c/o this paper.

Urban vs. Medieval

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Rhydin City is a sprawling mass of high rises alongside smaller communities. It shares one thing in common with Old Town and Stars End Sector: Rhydin city exists on the planet Rhydin Prime. 

The city has paved streets with lots of automobiles of varying styles and grace. Cell phones and PDA’s abound.  (I don’t personally know what a PDA is, if you do, please contact the paper and let us know!) Some of the more profitable areas offer large shopping malls where nearly everything one could imagine can be purchased or sold. Food services are open round the clock and no matter what you want to do there is someplace in the city where you can do it.

There is a darker side to the city that most remain unaware of. The transit system and health care are in deplorable condition due to the lack of federal funds and a huge job push is currently underway. Hopping to encourage a stronger economic foundation for the city, the Rhydin Employment Agency has been established, and the word so far seems to be good. Jobs that need filling are becoming filled. The success of this push has brought new focus to more of the issues that plague the city. Including care of the elderly and orphans.  Schools too have fought to retain some footing through the decline of federal funding, there are hopes another agency would help solve this dilemma.

With the shifting of the nexus and the multi-dimensional rifts even the city suffers. Scientists and engineers are currently working on developing some way to control or at least protect the vulnerable buildings and citizens.  A new hospital has been opened, with a twenty-four hour emergency ward, and is happy to serve any resident of Rhydin, whether from the city or any other locale.  However it is impossible to find the hospital on some nights, due to the frequent nexual activity. Hopefully advance will be made that will benefit all Rhydin’s denizens.

Sharon Gossip