Undercover Extra!

Reported by: this reporter is undercover.

In an effort to keep our readers interest (and boost subscription rates), we sent one of our undercover reporters well, undercover. Here, for the first time ever and exclusive interview with the reclusive group of shadowy, underworld figures known only as “The Pack” or “Packies”. Sworn enemies- or so urban legend has it to the elusive members of Bloodhouse Onyx. Many years ago, Rhydin was awash with tales of bloodshed in the Inns. Although murder and mayhem were everyday events in Rhydin, these attacks had the air of vendetta. The Pack had followed the Bloods to Rhydin to carry on their turf wars far away from their homes. The Leader of the “Packies” as they preferred to be called, granted this reporter and exclusive interview under secretive conditions. Not only was I blindfolded on my trip to and from their lair, but I was never given a clear view of the man’s face. “Rhydin is ripe for a bloodbath,” he muttered.

“And when we heard that Lankyn and his sycophants had come to Rhydin, we figured that the time was right. So, here we are. And here we stay.”

I was told of years of pitched battles in their old stomping grounds (I was never told where this was, just that it was none of my business where they’d come from). This bone deep hatred between the self proclaimed pack and the aristocratic yet feared Bloods had been long in the making. I asked him about the beginning of this feud of Pack vs. Bloods, and he grunted; “Ask Lankyn, if he ever comes out of hiding.” A derisive laugh billowed out with a cloud of smoke. If this turf war doesn’t end the life of the Pack leader, his chain-smoking will. We had heard that the elusive Corwyn Lankyn, rumored leader of Bloodhouse Onyx had returned to Rhydin, but numerous attempts to contact the man met with failure. We here at the Evening Shroud now issue an invitation to Mr. Lankyn to meet him at his convenience, so that both sides of the story can be told.


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ZuZu’s Pleasure Palace!

“What can we do to YOU?”

Meet the girl of your dreams! Enjoy a relaxing massage. Clean sheets always provided!

Ladies seeking a profitable career? Contact Madame ZuZu Petals. 

Warehouse District, lower EastEnd. 
(NOTE: During high Nexus storm activity, we may be relocated to the lower WestEnd.)

Lightly Touched


Reported by: Physhra Pink

Rudely awakened at the crack of stupid, by the demanding tones of this reporter’s “Boss”, I just had time to grab the underwear off the dog, run a brush in the mop and over the pearly whites before being personally “escorted” to the Lair.

Upon being shoved through the steel blockade yours truly found a stiff piece of parchment thrust under her nose, held by a dark hand belonging to a heavily scowling gentleman, steam valves about to open in his head for pressure release via his ears. One could see the clouds already forming. Hence, this lighter look at our fair realm’s news is on the docket for today.

Returning to the abode for a more appropriate style of dress, this reporter donned daylight fashion and made her way out among the living. Thrilling news abounds about the township, it seems. Not a wit of it having to do with Mobs, thugs, evil, maiming, mayhem or mutilation.


Fall colors are beginning to emerge in spectacular hues, mostly among the more pastoral areas in and outside Rhydin City proper. The parks are gloriously alive with such fare. Autumn’s flora abundant in the boutiques and Marketplace, available for that delightful decorative touch upon one’s table or scattered artfully about one’s home and hearth.

Upon the lower highlands friendly shepherds get in the last of the season’s grazing for their flocks, before Old Man Winter shuts up shop for another year. By now, so a lone and lonely shepherd told this reporter, frost settles the heather fields and pastures most every night. The quilting circles busy as little bees to get prepared for coming snows and freezing temps.

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Missing Person: One small elf, female, aged about 140. Has been sighted in Rhydin recently. Answers to the name “Aiodanne”. If you have information as to her whereabouts, please contact: Serastin Morelen.

Missing Child!!! Anyone with information regarding Claudia Realm Blackheart, six-year old adopted daughter of Sid. Contact: ObsdnShayd

 Missing Space Craft The “Event Horizon“, Crew was due back forty-nine days ago, family, friends are frantic! HUGE Reward offered for ANY INFO!!! Contact: Starfleet Command

Betrothal Arranged: Master Wu Nei formally declares the arranged betrothal of his first-born son, Taro, to Phong Loc’s second-born daughter, Kuri. Dowry exchange to take place next month during the full moon phase of Arabrab.

Anyone witnessing the carriage and motorized bike accident near the corner of WitchFire Lane and Buccaneer’s Alley in Old Town, please contact: Weituh, Scruham and Wynn Law Offices.

A Grand Celebration in Tyriol! A masquerade will be held in the Great Dragon Hall, with Destre tending OPEN bar. October 31, 8pm by the eastern clock, more details as they become available!

Lost: My way! Stuck in a dead-end zone loop by Ryndel’s Bakery and Kelly’s Eat ’em Up! Need a helping hand! Find me, Luk S. Baad!

LOST: One small box, not too heavy. Has lovely lettering on the side. Also has lovely music it plays. It is special and dear to me. If found, please send to Molly Albaelia, P.O. Box 125, Rhydin.


Found: One slightly soiled suit of gray-striped fur. Other distinguishing markings and location of misplacement owner must identify. Ashton Upton Karrsdell XXVII.

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DIVORCED! I, Gillian Elsbeth Jameson Eradu Billingsworth Morningmoon Ka’ngr’th’a Shadowseer Jones, do hereby proclaim myself divorced. Yes, again. Celebration to coincide with my upcoming nuptials on the second of next month.

Urban vs. Medieval


by Sharon Gossip

In a city where Knights battle dragons and damsels bake cookies, there is another side that is often overlooked. Where citizens of Rhydin fight for better medical care and a higher level of education. Where high-rise buildings grant spectacular views of our fine city and the streets are paved, lined with parking spots for glorious vehicles of transport. Where Police roam and Courts of justice prevail.

Most of the populace of Rhydin are aware of the Stars End Spaceport, some may even know a little about the technology which feeds the popular Nexus waystation.  What often is overlooked is the urbanized portion of our great capitol, Rhydin City.

Recently this reporter discovered this “other side” of our fair city when seeking an interview with the Vice Chief of Rhydin City Police, Sarah Smith. The side where technology mingles with magic, where medicine and lawfulness work alongside vigilantes and magical healers. A side created by the shifting Nexus storms that plague Rhydin Prime.

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Letters to the Editor

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This ad sponsored by: Rhydin Employment Agency, Inc.

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Scene & Heard

Help Wanted

It’s Eye Spy, Eagle Eye, reporting the buzz from glitz to gutter!

Now, I asked myself what could I talk about that would shed light on the “brighter side” of life in Rhydin City?

Well, the sex, of course. It’s everywhere!

From the popular inns to the lowliest dockside, everywhere you go in Rhydin is a veritable banquet of sexuality!

I went to the Graveyard just yesterday. I went not because someone died, I went because I had never been there and wanted to see it for my own eyes.  A friend had gotten the address supposedly from someone at the Rhydin PD… And what do you know? It really exists!

Now one would assume that in the graveyard the most obvious of activities would be burials, right? I mean, it is a graveyard, and they are supposed to be used for burying the dead! But not this graveyard… Nope, chickies, not in the least!

Like everywhere else in Rhydin it offers a smorgasbord of hot, panting sex with utter strangers. From the vampiric to the demonic, the innocent and lost; It may not be the most romantic place to take your date, but it works rather well for catching one!

Sex, sex, sex. If there is no other commonality shared by the populace of Rhydin, like race, breeding, technology or ambition, we all can relate on this particular topic, eh, kittens? It is THE sport of sports, it is the Main Goal of most of those people you pass in our fine city’s streets. That gleam of predator in that passerby’s eyes? May be no more than a mirroring of lust, the ever present desire to get laid, get off and get away!

No matter where you go, no matter WHAT you are, there is always someone waiting to pounce for that tasty promise of a potential orgasm.

Isn’t it a wonderful world in which we live, eh? Where else could one go to find  so many willing to fulfill every naughty urge? Every twisted kink? Well, if such a place exists outside of Rhydin, I haven’t been there yet!

Watch for me, kiddies! I’ll be out and about, getting scene and heard!

Chambermaids for the Horn’d Hunter. Must be willing to work weekends. Cleaning ability a must and a friendly “can-do” attitude a plus. Contact: Orion Elaar or Tiris Ael

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Relics, ancient knick-knacks and other paraphernalia wanted. Will pay well for quality goods! Contact: Mr. C Wraithburn

Cleaner seeking local jobs. Experienced in the art of elimination. Creative problem solver with a flair for the less obvious. Contact: Acelin Adams

Do you want your words touched, fondled, folded, spindled… maybe even… mutilated? ::wink, wink, nudge, nudge.:: Come write for the paper that reaches the world; one way or another! Contact: Physhra Pink

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Newspaper Distributors Needed! Full benefits for part time work! Competitive wages offered! Contact: The Evening Shroud

Seeking willing participants for interesting new study. 50 GP compensation for your time and trouble. Must be willing to provide next of kin reference. Contact: Dr. So’buch Iir’gur.

Needed: Sheep. Lots and lots of sheep. Goats an acceptable substitute. Contact B. Peep

Needed: Asbestos, lots of it, and soon. Price no object. Contact F. R. Bug at the Rhydin Stop Smoking Clinic on Merryburn Ave, near the Rhydin Central Market.

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