The Evening Shroud, Issue #06, 09/20/01 Page 9



Week of September 20, 2001

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Good week to use the expression “just dandy” as much as possible. Next week: try “okey dokey”.



It will turn out that someone you spend a great deal of time with is actually one of the last remaining Sinanthropus (Peking man), rather than an actual Cro-Magnon. This will explain things you’d been wondering about.


You will become embroiled in a serious dispute about aggressive food. Feelings will be hurt! Maybe even yours… Bygones will eventually be bygones, but not until you ease off on the stew.


Don’t allow relationships to depress you. This is a tough time for you because of Virgo being in the house of Pisces. It was just a little thing and she meant nothing to him.


Things aren’t going as well as they should for you. The main thing to do is to find someone else to blame, and move on.


This is a good time to get out there and make a difference! I’m often tempted to do that, but I just can’t figure out where “there” is — every time I get there, it’s here. Maybe if I run really fast? Oh well, if you figure it out, be sure to make a difference.


If you keep going the way you are, you’ll soon be fit as a fiddle! (And as you know, a fiddle is very buff, for a stringed instrument.)


Lately you feel blessed with great abundance, as though your cup runneth over. Basically, you just need a bigger cup.


Another one of those excruciatingly boring days! But careful, don’t try to liven things up by summoning one of the people back from the dead, it can lead to tragic circumstances and ruined marriages.



Get back to your single-celled roots by doing a family tree spanning 3 billion years. Be cautious when handling explosives. Your moon is void this month, so try to stay put. Answer the ad in the Classifieds that is looking for help. A romance is sure to follow.


You are about to open a bar, with friends, which will be called “Rainy Daze”. You will choose that name primarily because one of your group simply doesn’t care for “Clenched Buttocks” as a bar name.


Good time to start work on that screenplay. It won’t sell, this is Rhydin, but there’s nothing like trying something new to find out how much harder it is than it looks. Of course, almost any parent can tell you that.