The Evening Shroud, Issue #06, 09/20/01 Last Page

Double Trouble?

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this reporter grabbed her pad and took off after the story. A short jaunt down the street led us all to “Dickey’s Dirk and Dagger”, a hole-in-the-wall joint lakeside of Low Town. Mentally checking to make sure all vaccines were current, this reporter bravely followed the men inside.

Leaving the two to their bonding this reporter chose to schmooze up the proprietor, Harold Feinstein, for the scoop. Seems both men claim the same identity, right down to their mannerisms and fingerprints. Apparently, while one is single and on the prowl, the other is very much married, with twelve children and twins on the way. Seemingly the disagreement broke out over the single man’s intentions, when discovered at “Dickey’s” earlier with the married one’s wife. Allowing the charade to continue that he was, as the poor lady mistook, her husband.

This happens far too often in our fair realm. In the shops, on the thoroughfares, in bars, and sometimes our very businesses one is apt to meet their double. Just what are the legal ramifications that could ensue from a dastardly doppelganger’s antics? Are you liable? Is your neighbor, your best friend, even your aunt, who they were when you first encountered them? Or have they been replaced?

If you meet yourself coming out of the neighborhood tavern/current moist playground du jour/den of ill repute/suicidal rendezvous, will you cancel each other out, poof into oblivion? Dissipate into sparkly energy shimmers?

And finally, what, or possibly who, could be behind such instances? Is it truly the Nexus, as many would have you believe? Perhaps someone, some organization with nefarious plans, is conjuring such copies. Think about it, how better to gain access to highly guarded profitable information and assets?

Just more questions in the ever growing list of them dealing with the wonder that is Rhydin. Be sure to stay tuned for the answers, as they are uncovered!


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Mafia Involved in Murder!

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Missives were recovered that inferred some association to two particular members of the organization known as The Bloods; Jona and Wild. Two vague references in a growing list of suspects.

Yet the evidence exists linking The Bloods and in particular, Lady Belial to an ongoing effort to keep such horrific crimes from the public. In three separate circumstances witnesses infer that The Bloods did a “good job taking care of the issue.”

Just how many such “issues” have they taken care of? No comment is forthcoming from The Bloods and the lady Belial refused any further comments, closing the door in this reporter’s face!

In the light of recent findings, it is suggested that the latest serial killings are being as efficiently dealt with. Local authorities when contacted had no known knowledge, reporting: “Many don’t tell us about those kind of things. Most crimes in Rhydin never get reported to the authorities.”