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Conjured coin or tax evasion to blame for current state of Red Dragon Inns?

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to learn that the Red Dragon does, indeed, require what Dorion described as “…many moons of extensive training.” Apparently, according the Innkeeper, due to its placement near the chaotic magical flux of the Nexus “…one must be prepared for all sorts of bizarre things.” This followed by a matter-of-fact remark that he had to build a minor fire and would return to finish out the interview.

Sitting there, all but alone, this reporter investigated this “minor fire” only to find out it was for the express purposes of burning the night’s receipts. Once back, Dorion’s only comment on whether all tenders burnt the receipts was a non-expansive “Not all of them, but a great amount do.”

Wondering about this seeming common practice makes one pause to consider the current state of the Inns and all Red Dragon enterprises. This reporter pondered that information, steering the interview back to Dorion’s previous statement about new management in front of the building stealing trade from the elder establishment.

Posing the possibility that all the conjured coin led to the decision of elder management to attempt a make-up of losses, Dorion’s only evasive reply was to state he had been told the large space was rented, and that many of the staff felt need to take on additional work to supplement the Red Dragon management’s weak salary cap.

Asking for his personal opinion on Red Dragon’s decision Dorion had this to say, “Personally I think renting out the front was a huge error on the part of the management. Bad for business here you see. We have gone so far as to position a rather meek and highly ineffectual street crier near the front of the lobby, but he is so mild mannered few give him the time of day. Every so often I have heard it mentioned that a few patrons go to the old commons and direct people here. You must understand that due to the magical flux of this place large blazing walls of fire sometimes erupt, making this area hard to locate. Were we to place a few signs perhaps that would help, but I do not know.”

Remarking that he, himself, would soon be forced to replace magicked monies of the till from real monies in his tip jar, as most other staff does, Dorion took the opportunity to mention his source of supplemental income, a toyshop. Also commenting on a lucrative past time of treasure hunting and being a working father of three. Digging a bit deeper this reporter learned that Dorion’s mate, Akito, is likewise employed by the Red Dragon. According to Dorion, the more domestic of the two.

Concluding a not unpleasant evening with the non-committal tender this reporter inquired about one last item. The disappearance and possible kidnapping of Dorion’s colleague, Lucien Mal. Lawyer and part time co-worker in the Red Dragon Inns. “Lucky. Yes. I do not know much. I do not even know if a ransom note has been left. The strange fugue that seems to take the population of Rhydin has led many to believe he is not missing at all! Can you imagine that! I hope he is alive and well.”

Still, questions remain which this reporter vows to ferret out. Are the conjured monies the true cause of the current state of affairs with the Red Dragons? Or could it possibly be due to nefarious practices of the staff in retaliation for meager wages? Is training too much, or not enough? Do our RDI enterprise staff qualify for hazard pay? Is elder management instituting such “minor fires” as a means for tax evasion? Just who are the elder management of the Red Dragon facilities and what are their motives concerning our community? All valid questions. Stay tuned to this paper for answers!


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Hades, Inc Denies Mob Involvement!

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“It was one of our most irreplaceable training tools. It was actually a tool to show people what our business was about. A way to inform our future employees of what great heights they could achieve at Hades, Inc.” The C.E.O. admitted after much pressuring. When asked if the stolen object were dangerous to the public: ” When not used with the manual, yes.” He supplied.

When asked of his association with the Helstons, a suspected Mafia Gang, and the Bloods, a known Mob Influence, he responded: “Through family relations, yes.” Leading this reporter to believe a connection exists between Hades, Inc and the underground Crime Syndicate.

Insistence throughout the interview that Hades, Inc caters to the needs of their clients, prompted this reporter to examine to what extremes they would go. To the question: What if they are married to harpy and they *need* out? Should your company discern that this is what is required, would you murder their wife, sir? In closing he responded: “Yes. We would.”