The Evening Shroud, Issue #03, 08/30/01 Last Page

Conspiracy of local bakeries linked to increased Nexus storms?

continued from page 01.

Prompted by this seemingly strange phenomenon yours truly had to investigate more closely. Plans already in the works for extra lunge reps the next morning this reporter stepped forth and picked up a tasty looking morsel, drizzled in what the baker claimed was Rhydinian caramel honey, straight from the comb. One bite and the self-promise of those reps became history!

How do the denizens of this realm deal with such unnerving and soul-shattering experiences? Are the baked goods culprit for increased Nexus storm activity?And just how are they making their money if they’re giving it away? Ah, more questions without answers this reporter will be sure to get to as her schedule allows. Watch this spot!


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