The Evening Shroud, Issue #04, 09/06/01 Last Page

Domestic Violence: Newest Trend in Rhydin?

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Slamming this reporter for keeping to herself, trashing personal effects and generally instigating — No, begging for confrontation on the physical level appeared to be the overall theme of the whole encounter. Perhaps harmless enough, then again, perhaps not. 

Unrest due to the current state of affairs did appear to be working its way throughout the patrons that night. From a recent brawl’s losing deity, recuperating in a corner; to the winner, drinking fish-like a few feet away trading barbs with a seeming real-life anti-hero — this reporter’s personal bane of the night; to a tech-shrewd dweller of the city blatantly demanding yours truly’s private property and flaunting wired up implements of destruction.

Are injury and mayhem on a decline in our charming province as thought by many? What has happened to the chaos that used to abound, is it gone as rumored? Are riots among the more action-adventure starved of our number on the horizon? Will discord among ones seeking a return to those days of yesterwhen and those with an essentiality for the familiar bring war into our very homes? 

Is the recent upswing in gang violence an indication of future atmosphere? Do the reemergence and increased sightings of hardware and hardwires in traditionally more rustic districts coincide with well-founded rumors of local Mob rings making a black-market killing on same? Could chaos and corporate takeovers be far behind? Are these all signs to impending annihilation of society as we know it?

One can always hope…


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Mob Forces Tech on Unsuspecting!

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As this new weaponry finds it way into the public hands, Rhydin society will be slammed into the future, whether they wish it or not. “Typically” confirmed an industry insider, “it’s been a ‘our place’ ‘their place’ kinda thing all these years. The RDI closest to the center of old town, the Stars End Bar leading to the Space Port and Gateway Station, being in the newer, less populated zone. The landscape is changing, people are getting tired of pidgin holes, they want broader freedoms, and higher technology to add more convenience to their lives.”

“Great leaps have been achieved in the marrying of our manna chaotic realm with the cleanliness and convenience of higher technology by such industry giants as Aeryndin Technologies, and the up-and-coming R and D division of Phishrap Ink.” commented a newspaper spokeswoman who preferred to remain anonymous.