((Fellow Players,

The goal behind the Evening Shroud is to give us a platform to promote our In-Character (IC) stories IC.  “Us” = All FFRP Players, no matter where you play.  Be it something simple like a birth announcement, or something more complex (incidents that aid in unfolding your tales), you are invited to use us!

We used to offer a variety of ways to contact us right here on this site but that’s kind of changed up some.  Maybe in the future we may dust this sl off and try again?  However, If you play on Dragon’s Mark, you can find our Shroud Characters there.  We are more than happy to play with you, all you have to do is talk to us!

However… It doesn’t matter where you play.  If we can help you to promote, update, inform other players and their characters about your stories and characters, then please let us. This is a vehicle that has been created to benefit everyone.  But for that to happen, we need your help too.  Give us the info, let us share it with our readers.

Thanks, and as always, Merry Gaming Everyone!