Located on Rhy'Din's Dockside

Located on Rhy’Din’s Dockside


Located on the WestEnd Docks, The Evening Shroud shares its home with its parent company, Phishrap Family Fisheries.  Our spacious offices are located on the second floor.  You can’t miss us!  Just follow your nose!

The Evening Shroud began as a weekly rag… er, we mean excellent journalistic experience.  Throughout the years, through fate and happenstance, we have evolved into a monthly publication.  Our goal is to offer our readers the most up-to-date news we can sniff out.  To this end, we encourage you to talk to us!


The Evening Shroud began publication due to a lack of paper products needed for wrapping fish and other produce in the Rhy’Din Marketplace. The current owners, Phishrap Ink, are carrying on their family tradition as they continue to supply quality goods to the public through Phishrap Family Fisheries.

Over the years, The Evening Shroud has become most popular with the many homeless and street folk who find it “soft, warm and ultra absorbent!” Yet, issues find their way into every home through-out the realms; one way or another.  Packaging of produce, strips for kitty’s privy, and lining of bird cages are the most sited choices of use.


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