Never One for Pictures -- Sharon Gossip Objects!

Never One for Pictures — Sharon Gossip Objects!

Sharon Gossip – Journalist/Reporter/Copy Editor

Ms. Gossip is known for her “nose for news”.

A native Rhy’dinian, a rare breed when one is merely a lowly human, she has no overt or apparent magical abilities, Sharon is fond of reminding that she must work for a living. Coming from an average family, and of somewhat nondescript appearance, Sharon is often overlooked, making it easy for her to eavesdrop which she rather enjoys doing. She prefers to be amused rather than in the spotlight.

She worked for The Oracle during it’s short life serving Rhy’Din News.  But after a lucky Nexus Shift returned the wayward Evening Shroud Sharon returned to her former position.

Sharon moonlights as a comic book writer, She is best known for her involvement with the popular “Tribal Girls” and “Dreaming” series’.

(If anyone can get a better picture of Sharon the Evening Shroud will pay you handsomely for a copy! ~ ES Ed.)