Physhra Pink Insisted We Use This Image — “It’s in my contract” She reminded.

Physhra Pink — Field Reporter

Mz. Pink was recently returned home by a horrified and now-defunct production company. After a scuffle with the late editor, Mr. I. M. Rougecou, Mz. Pink has been relegated to field reporting full-time as Mr. deLaw prefers to remain alive and breathing.

Sharp of wit and mean spirited, it is recommended that you get out of this vixen’s way if she is in a bad mood or drinking… which is most of the time.

Most often found at Dickie’s Dirk and Dagger, Mz. Pink has a strong preference for her beverages, if you care to purchase a drink for her, let the bartender tell you what’s she’s drinking on that particular night.

A not-so-famous-B-Movie Star, Physhra can be seen in such cult classic greats as “My Son, Three-Headed Joe” and “Ride the Wild Rancheros“. Rumors of her decision to take over the world are true; but we have yet to discern to which world she refers.

There is much unknown about Mz. Pink and it is best kept that way.

(Any images you may have obtained of Mz. Pink while she was out on the town — please stop sending them to us!  We don’t want to know! ~ ES Ed.)