Aunty M – Advice Columnist

Aunty M is the latest addition to the Evening Shroud Staff.

Ask Aunty M was a popular advice column for over 20 years for the Etiquette Times, Havenbrook, NY.

Since her arrival in Rhy’Din, Aunty M has graciously taken our offer to join the Evening Shroud!

Have a question you need answered?  Ask Aunty M!

Aunty M is willing to address any question — However if she considers a question rude, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate she’s likely to respond in private.

(WARNING!  Aunty M may seem like a kind elderly lady, but she has quite the temper.  Keep your questions courteous, polite and preferably fluffy!  Avoid the wrath of Aunty M!  Also — any recent images of Aunty M sent to this newspaper will be ignored — by contractual obligation.  Please stop sending them?  Thank you. ~ ES Ed.)